Label Rouna

250 $

100cm × 70cm

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This particular artwork is currently unvarnished, but varnishing can be done upon request. For varnishing, I use Liquitex varnishes available in glossy or matte finishes. Personally, I prefer the matte finish, which I find more appealing. Regardless of your choice, the price of the artwork will remain unchanged.

This piece is not only one of my favorites but also my largest one available for sale.
Originally, this piece was created as a gift for a close childhood friend’s clothing shop in Saifi Village. However, I have decided to go for a different size, so currently, it is displayed in my home rather than the studio, facing my apartment.

The artwork is a beautiful combination of acrylic paint and oil pastels. I strongly recommend varnishing it because oil pastels, unlike paint, do not fully dry on the canvas. If not handled carefully, the colors can smear.

If you’re interested in acquiring this artwork, please let me know. The price includes delivery to any location within Lebanon.

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